Speaking Engagements

Do you know of an organization that would benefit from an engaging discussion about today’s Medicare? Our talks have been well recieved by groups such as the Rotary Club and other local clubs/societies as well as a client presentations for Financial Planners. Below is an overview of our current offering.

The A, B, D’s of Medicare
Dee-Signed Programs
Christopher C. Dee & Jeremy W. Dee

Our most popular Medicare presentation is titled,  “The A, B, D’s of Medicare”. This fast-paced, non-sales presentation is appropriate for those on Medicare, those approaching Medicare, and even those assisting parents & friends with their Medicare decisions.

This 30 minute talk presents Medicare through the eyes of an active, independent broker with decades of experience – concentrating on the issues that matter while glossing over nothing.

Here’s an outline of what’s covered:

  • Overview of Traditional Medicare Parts A, B, Medigap, & D.
  • The way Medicare claims are handled.
  • The various paths to Medicare enrollment.
  • Introduction to Medicare Supplements (Medigap Plans).
  • Medicare Shortcomings and Limitations.

Questions are welcome throughout the presentation, and there’s time at the end for a quick Q & A session. Furthermore, all participants are provided with a handout that summarizes the topics covered, and includes our contact information for later conversation.

Admittedly, Medicare can be a dry topic, but we believe that this brief, yet comprehensive presentation will not disappoint.

We look forward to the opportunity to speak to your group,

Christopher Dee / Jeremy Dee

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