Medical Plans for those under 65 years of age

Due to health care ‘reform’, Americans are no longer free to buy insurance whenever they’d like. Permanent Medical Coverage can only be purchased during the Annual Enrollment Period (November 1st – December 15th) barring a Special Event (marriage, birth of a child, loss of group coverage, etc.)

Short Term (Temporary) Medical Plans are a potential option for those not currently eligible to enroll in permanent coverage.

Click here for information on Short Term (Temporary) Plans

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My Recommendations

  • COBRA is normally the best coverage available. There are few PPO networks left in the individual market, as most plans are now HMOs. I think that COBRA is more stable than the individual market.
    1. A quick way to see plans is available here
    2. REMEMBER – Each January you’ll be impacted by new rates and plans.
    3. At you will also be able to see if you quality for a subsidy.
    4. Most plans on are the same as if you went direct to the carriers.
    5. You can enter your doctors, hospitals and drugs to see if they are covered.
    6. You can even call and they will do an application for you 800 318-2596.
    7. If you want me connected to your coverage provide the exchange my NPN # 529010.
  • SHORT TERM See if you medically qualify and can use a Temporary Medical plan for 1 to 12 months.
    My web page on this

I hope this information helps in your quest for medical coverage.