Here are some potential ways to lower your prescription costs that clients have mentioned.

Tips for Everyone

  • Use the website – – it will give you the range of costs at local pharmacies.
  • You can use the pharmacy at Sam’s, Costco, etc. without being a member.
  • Walgreen’s Drug Club $20/yr. Note, it will not be sold if birthday provided indicates 65+.
  • Talk to your doctor about a lower-cost options – common for blood pressure & cholesterol.
  • Talk to your doctor about a 90 day supply, or larger dosage pills that can be divided at home.
  • Ask if your drug is pre-packaged in 30,60,90 pill packs. Normally it’s less expensive if purchased in these pre-determined amounts. Suggest to your doctor that your order more or less frequently to avoid odd amounts.
  • Not all generics are priced the same. Even if you’re on a generic, try a web search for “{current generic name} alternative” – and see if any alternative generics come up – you may find cost differentials there, otherwise, check or ask your pharmacist to see if there are any savings to be had.
  • Drug companies may provide a direct discount first year and ongoing financial aid where needed.
  • Regarding Canada – I have clients that tell me they’re doing this – however I don’t believe the legal issues have been resolved.

Additional Tips for those on Medicare

  • IMPORTANT: Any purchases outside of your Part D Rx Plan do not go toward satisfying the plan’s out of pocket
  • Visit the federal website as if you’re applying for Part D again. Their Rx Finder provides up-to-date generic alternatives to investigate, it also shows ways to further lower your drug costs.
  • Most Part D plans have services that allow you to discuss drug’s efficacy and costs.