Forbidden subject for employers.

Nobody at Work is Allowed to Talk

I’m not allowed to present this idea to employers.
Employers are not allowed to present it to employees.
However, I can present it to you!

If you or someone you know is 65+ and on a group health plan, we need to talk. Group insurance can be 4x the cost of going on Medicare – let me show you how full Medicare coverage with 100% hospital and 100% doctors’ coverage plus no network limitations stacks up.

You’ll be doing yourself and your employer a favor. With PPACA (Obamacare) came new pricing for those over 65. Now, at 65+ an enormous amount of money is being spent for your health insurance between you and your employer – when better Medicare coverage is available to you at a fraction of that cost. However, you have to make the first move, your employer is forbidden from presenting this to you. It’s important to note that many employers have done this for themselves.