Medicare Supplement Enrollment Periods


Open Enrollment Period All plans available with no medical underwriting. You can apply 6 months prior to or within 6 months after Part B’s initial effective date. Those on Medicare Disability prior to 65 have a 2nd open enrollment at 65.  

Example: Part B starts July 1st, application must be signed within 6 months by December 31st. Effective date can be postponed up to 60 days from date signed.


Guaranteed Issue Period* When insured has had Medicare A & B for 6+ months. Period triggered by involuntary loss of group, retiree, COBRA or union coverage that paid secondary to Medicare. Additionally, guaranteed issue period is available when insured moves to an area where their current plan is not available. During Guaranteed Issue, supplement plans A, B, C, F (for some), G, K and L available without medical underwriting. Medical underwriting is allowed for plan N.

*Potential Problem: Guaranteed Issue not available when leaving a small group (under 20 employees) if Part B has been in force for more than 6 months.