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Updated 12/21/2020

The broker’s role has almost been eliminated – only Blue Cross and the temporary health market are still supporting brokers. The following provides ideas to help you navigate for 2021.

Remember: whether purchased with government subsidies via the Exchange/Marketplace OR direct from the carrier, ALL individual medical plans are “Obamacare”.

Open Enrollment Deadline

  • December 15th, 2020 for January 1, 2021 Effective Dates

Individual Medical Plans

For those who may qualify for, and desire to take, a subsidy you must enroll through the Exchange/Marketplace – go to or call 800-318-2596 for information and to apply. When asked if you were given any help, tell them you were aided by Chris Dee – National Producer Number #529010.  Ask them to repeat that Producer Number back to you – hopefully they will add me to the account – allowing me to provide service to you in the future.  

Income estimate range for subsidies.
FPV = Federal Poverty Level. If you fall between the min & max, subsidies may be available. Below are household size/incomes. If below the Minimum, you qualify for Medicaid.

Minimum 2021 (138% of FPV) – Single $17,609,  Family of 2- $23,792,  3- $29,973,  4- $36,156,  5- $42,338,  6- 48520.
Maximum 2021 (400% of FPV)- Single $51,040,  Family of 2- $68,960,  3- $86,880,  4- $104,800,  5- $122,720, 6-$140,640.

My Recommendations On the Marketplace/Exchange

  1. See available plans/prices for 2021
  2. You can enter your doctors, hospitals and drugs to see if they are covered.
  3. Visit or call 800 318-2596 to begin an application – I recommend calling to make sure you get the maximum subsidy amount.
  4. See if you qualify for a subsidy.
  5. Tell them my NPN # 529010 and have them repeat it back, so that I can be linked to your plan in the future.

My Recommendations Off the Marketplace/Exchange

  • COBRA – Normally the best coverage available. I think that COBRA is more stable than the individual market and most do not force you into an HMO.
  • Blue Cross enrollment when not qualified for a subsidy.

    1. Determine which network will be best for you   
      Provider Link
      Network Codes (and network size estimate – 2017)Blue Choice PPO (BCE) – Network all of Illinois consisting of roughly 150 hospitals and 47,000 providers

      Blue Precision HMO (BAV) –  Network in 7 counties consisting of roughly 70 hospitals and 12,200 providers

      BlueCare Direct/Advocate HMO (BHD) – Network in 4 counties consisting of roughly 13 hospitals and 3,700 providers

      Blue FocusCare HMO (BFC) – Network in Cook County only consisting of roughly 12 hospitals and 700 providers


    2. Providers are not found via Blue Cross?  See “Recommendations On the Exchange Marketplace above” and use the government site to search for providers.
    3. Use my self-service Blue Cross link below for Quoting/Enrollment

      Click Here for Blue Cross Quoting & Enrollment
  • Small Group – need 2 employed but only one required to have coverage. The ILLINOIS quarterly unemployment tax report is required ( # UC-3/40).  Owners/officers do not have to appear.


Short Term Medical – for those in the family not needing coverage for prior conditions.


I hope this information helps in your quest for medical coverage.


Disclaimer – I am not an attorney – this page represents my current understanding of this volatile market. Refer to laws and carriers for details.