Individual PPO & Indemnity Dental Plans

Spirit Dental – Direct Benefits Inc. A great answer for your dental coverage.

  • Two plan types “Choice” (indemnity – any dentist) and “Network” (PPO – network dentists preferred)
  • Either plan available with $1200 or $2000 annual maximum.
  • Non-PPO plans pay more than PPO out of network.

Both Indemnity & PPO plans feature

  • Guaranteed Acceptance – No Underwriting.
  • Issued to individuals of any age.
  • Most benefits available immediately upon effective date, benefits then increase for the first three years.
  • Dental Implant Coverage.
  • 3 Cleanings, 2 exams Per Year Covered at 100%
  • Optional Vision Insurance.
  • $25 Enrollment Fee.