Whether you’re an Indvidual or Adivsor, Dee-Signed Programs is here to help

Services for Individuals
If you’ve come to us directly or through your advisor, your needs will be met by our 30+ years of experience and wide range of health insurance products. We cover all health markets for those under 65 and over.

    • Medicare Supplements
    • COBRA
    • State Continuation
    • Medical – on and off the Exchange
    • ICHIP – No longer available – was the inexpensive answer in 35 states prior to Obamacare

If referred by your advisor or insurance broker, mention their name to us. Your satisfaction is their compensation and our business is based on exceeding their expectations. This arrangement provides you the best service in both areas.


Services for Advisors
If you’re an advisor or broker not active in the health insurance market, put or our 30+ years of experience to work for you. Send us all your health insurance inquires – The Good – The Bad – The Ugly. Clear your desk of these matters and put the obligation on us.
Your client is informed that you have entrusted us to handle all inquiries regarding health insurance, that no money passes between us and that your client’s satisfaction is your only compensation. (Needless to say it is imperative we meet or exceed your expectations.)Have them call us for changes in their situation, “what if” questions, coverage needs or alternative ideas.See Services for Individuals for a complete list of our offerings. Give your client our name and number, then pass their info on to us, we’ll give them a couple of days before we call them. We’ll let you know when we’ve made initial contact and when their issue has been handled.